Chuyển đổi số cho dịch vụ y tế

Chuyển đổi số tạo ra cơ hội cho các đơn vị cung cấp dịch vụ y tế có khả năng sáng tạo những dịch vụ mới nhanh chóng đơn giản để tiếp cận số lượng người dung lớn hơn trên nền tảng.

The iQi platform helps to transform the approach to digitalized health services, simplify, direct and effective access to health services, and help promote the innovation of medical services. Precise service at a reasonable cost for all areas.

Medical telemedicine services: With thousands of medical services provided on the online platform, users can book services through the platform, be able to find and evaluate suitable services, possibly quick payment through many remote payment means, …

We endeavor to provide health services accessible, affordable and creative joy in our work is the change in the health of bringing satisfaction to patients and single medical service provider.

The services iQi provides

Digital transformation creates opportunities for healthcare providers to create new, fast and simple services to reach larger numbers of users on the platform. Digital transformation reduces costs in health service delivery and makes it easier for everyone to access needed medical services.

iQi is built to describe precise business processes, manage and synchronize on cloud computing platform, synchronize data with website, support services, information results, .. help you manage all resources according to best practices.

What do customers say about our products?

Customers’ opinions are shown through the customer feedback form on the website as proof of the prestige and quality of the service we provide.

User-friendly application, easy
use. Customer care team
thoughtful, enthusiastic ..

Due to the characteristics of services at IVF department, patients need to perform services early, prepare and connect with patients early at home, making the process more convenient for patients and hospital.